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Canvas Prints

Collage Canvas PrintsImagine your photo looking like a professional work of art!

Photo canvas prints are a lovely way to add a soft personal touch to your home. Make the most of your favourite memories by printing your photo on canvas and creating a stunning work of art in just 5 minutes using our easy online canvas creator.

Printed on poly-cotton canvas and mounted on a sturdy wooden frame with depth of 18mm. Brilliant colours are produced with our reflection free 12-colour canvas printing process ensuring that when you apply your photo to canvas a truly stunning result is achieved. Our extensive range of sizes gives you plenty of scope for choosing your subject matter and finding the ideal format to fit any room.

Collage Canvas PrintsCollage Canvas Prints

Why not select one of our collage layouts to print a collection our your favourite photos for the most creative customised wall art! Simply click to "Create Now" and once you are on our canvas creator page click "Edit Layout" in the options on the right-hand side to select one of the many collage templates to get you started!

    Materials Premium quality poly-cotton canvas machine stretched over a sturdy wooden frame
    Print UV resistant, 12 colour
    Frame Depth 18mm
    Backing Finished with artist backing tape
    Additional Hanging fittings included
    Delivery costs £4.59 - £7.25
    Delivery time 5 - 7 Working Days
    Size Prices
    20 x 30 cm £19.99
    30 x 30 cm £24.99
    30 x 40 cm £26.99
    40 x 40 cm £31.99
    40 x 50 cm £36.99
    40 x 60 cm £39.99
    50 x 50 cm £41.99
    50 x 70 cm £48.99
    60 x 60 cm £49.99
    60 x 80 cm £59.99
    80 x 100 cm £109.99
    90 x 130 cm £129.99