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Photo Stickers

Photo Stickers


  • Available in 3 formats:
  • 4 large stickers (6 x 8 cm each)
  • 8 medium stickers (4 x 6 cm each)
  • 16 small stickers (3 x 4 cm each)
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Personalised Photo Stickers

Create personalised photo stickers in three simple steps:

  1. Upload your chosen photographs
  2. Choose your desired sticker format
  3. Place your order

Make your memories last with our fabulous range of personalised stickers. Whether it's family snaps, a perfect holiday, or your child's colourful artwork, all of our sticker sheets can be customised individually so you can have different images for each sticker or lots of the same - it's up to you!

Photo stickers make great gifts for kids and adults alike. Whilst kids love using these stickers to brighten up their belongings or to stick on friends' birthday presents, many adults also like adding them to thank you cards, letters, or invitations for that personal touch.

To get started, simply choose from three different formats - 4, 8 or 16 stickers per sheet. All of our photo stickers are printed in our award-winning quality by our expert team, ensuring that your stickers are made to last.

Material Fuji Crystal Archive Paper

Sheet size:
13 x 18 cm
Sticker size:
4 (6 x 8 cm) stickers
8 (4 x 6 cm) stickers
16 (3 x 4 cm) stickers

Delivery costs £2.25
Delivery time 6-8 Working Days