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Photo Mug

Photo Mugs


  • 9.5 x 8 cm ceramic mug
  • Add photo, text and designs
  • Print in panoramic
  • Make a magic mug!
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Photo Mugs

Everyone has their own special mug, why not make it personal! Our personalised photo mugs are printed with your choice of photo and, if you choose, one of our many design templates to add a theme to your photo. You can even add text too! Photo coffee mugs make great gifts for friends and loved ones and you can guarantee it will make them smile on their coffee break.

Magic Mugs!

Choose our magic mug for that extra special surprise! The photo mug is plain black but when you fill it with hot water, the black fades and your favourite photo is revealed!

Material Ceramic
Height 9.5 cm
Diameter 8 cm
Printable Area 9.6 x 8 cm
Recommended resolution 756 x 630 pixels
Delivery costs £3.25
Delivery time 5-7 Working Days